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How Pick-Up Locations Work

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How It Works

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Pick-up at designated drop point. Please pick up during designated time. Each site varies. Check details of your chosen location.

Common Questions

What is a pickup location?

Pickup Locations are simply places where we drop your order in a neighborhood near you to facilitate simpler pick up.

How do pickup days work?

Arrive at the pickup location at your scheduled time. The pick up facilitator should be available to help assist with finding your order.  (Your order will be in boxes or bags so you will not need coolers unless you are traveling more than an hour.)

What should I bring on pickup day?

We encourage you to bring a copy of your order's confirmation email or have it accessible on your phone. This can help speed up the process.

How is my order packaged?

All meat items come individually packaged and frozen. Your items will always be packed in boxes or bags for your convenience.

How do I add to my current order?

You can simply login anytime before your upcoming deadline and add to an existing order.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major credit/debit cards as our sole payment method. At the time of placing your first order you will be prompted to add a credit card to your account. Once finalized, your order's total will be charged to your card on file and your receipt will be emailed. (Due to liability and efficiency reasons we no longer accept cash or check payments at pickup. Thank you for your understanding as we attempt to reduce unnecessary liabilities for our delivery personnel.)

Is there a delivery fee?

In order to help cover fuel and labor cost all orders incur a  handling charge. There are 

Can a friend pick-up my order?

Yes, just be sure to have an active credit card on file so your order can be charged prior to pickup.

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